Saturday, August 29, 2009

The much snatched for chicken wings. Thank you cal-vin =)
And Sue Wei with the steamboat thingie. THEY TOOK TOO MUCH FOOD and ended up dumping it to us T.T hahahah

okay last photo i know looks disgusting, but that's my PRIDE AND JOY!!! Hmm... It doesn't look as impressive as i thought it would. Oh well

Hope all of you who came had a good time and to EVERYONE OF 0801PM12, ALL THE BEST!!! for you know, the future and stuff.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yuen Steamboat, Sunway Mentari

As promised, below are the address and map to Yuen Steamboat. Some of you should have heard of it, since it is pretty popular. I have tried it myself, all I have to say is - keep your stomach empty! Many have raved about their ready-to-eat BBQ chicken and how it disappears within seconds once it comes out. There's even a youtube clip on it.

Anyhows, hope to see ALL of you tomorrow, try your best to make it. How long would it be before our next gathering? I have no idea. Not as far off as.... Shall not mention it, but you should get what I meanXD

See you all tomorrow! 7pm SHARP.

Please SMS me to confirm your attendance, I need the number by tomorrow afternoon. Please confirm by tonight. Thanks.

Link to maps and other details:


For your viewing pleasure

Saturday, June 6, 2009

And so it ends...

It's amazing what one's brain can think about during all sorts of wrong times! Like instead of focusing on bio or chem or whatever else my brain is supposed to focus on for the next paper, it just seems to hit me that, after our next paper, what next? Another paper? Okay, after that paper, then what??

Then, nothing. It all comes to an end. No more waking up at 6.30 in the mornings (I woke up on my own this morning at 6.30 cuz i heard my maid making noises around the house hahaha and thought to myself, OH of all crazy times to wake up. Then i realised, eh, isn't this the time i always used to get up at on college days? Honestly, some things you won't miss it til it's gone, as point above haha), no more holding lab coats and waiting outside labs while talking about American Idol (you know who you are hahaha), no more walking into class and seeing familiar faces, no more lunches and staring at each other going "eh u choose where to go for lunch lah" cuz we're all undecided hahah. And of course, LEFT 4 DEAD!! Who would have thought the CC would turn out to be our 2nd classroom?

Ah, a year and a half. Seems like only such a short time ago i was checking for my name on the white board in front of the MPH anxiously with Sam and hoping we weren't separated. I mean, econs and sciences!? How many classes would there be? "Eh what class u in faster tell me!" "Sorry lah i can't see my name, people in front blocking me XD" "oh wait wait, PM12!" "Loo Ann Shien.... PM12 also!!!" AHAHAHAHA. Who knew 3 months later, Sue Wei would tell us, "I'm joining your class too!! We can rule the class! (Just joking XD)"

Then there was the ice breakers, meeting our lecturers, getting to know one another and growing comfortable in class as people who see each other everyday for so long always do.

I admit, as Sam said, I too probably entered comfort zone too quickly and started to tune myself a bit out to others. I suppose that would be my one minor regret. Hopefully, I've managed to be as good a friend and classmate to all of you as I could be and not been too much of a pain in the *ahem*.

But, through all the good the bad and the ugly, what's left in my mind are selective memories.
In a few days time, we'll not have a reason to ever see each other again, literally speaking. I hope that the things we've shared together for these past months as 0801PM12 will be the reason we continue on seeing each other even if we aren't PM12 anymore . Yes, it would be wishful thinking to believe all of us will stay in contact upon leaving Taylor's, but for me, the most important part would be that we'll always remember being a part of PM12 and not regretting it in any way. Perfect, we certainly aren't, but who's to say we oughta regret flaws and imperfections?

I for one have enjoyed this transition period between high school and uni, hopefully growing up and challenging myself more along the way.

To my cousins, dear ol' Sammie and Sue, thank you for you know, everything, and tolerating my OCCASIONAL surges of impatience. Yes sam, i hereby officially apologize to you for snapping at you when you asked me an econs question hahahah. To Nat, for being as whacky as you are and yet sane as well and keeping me entertained throughout class. Mirian aka ching aka m***g, for naik-ing m***g with me and being the coolest person from the jungles I've ever met HAHAHAHA.
And of course, everyone else. The boys, for keeping our oestrogen levels in class in check, the girls for being chatty and bubbly, just that bit insane and everything that makes our class what it is.

All the best for our few remaining papers, though I sure am a bit pissed that the Econs papers are scheduled so late hahaha. Do post in our blog after the exams, am really excited to see what all of you have to say about graduating =)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

College: A Year and a Half, Prelude


The realisation of college ending came unceremoniously two weeks before the last day of college. I forgot how the conversation started, what it was or how it went on, all I remember is that uttering the words “There’s two more weeks of classes…” sent shock waves in my mind. In a moment, it suddenly dawned on me the corollary of A-Levels classes finishing in two weeks time. Before uttering those few words, the thought of us going separate ways and not meeting each other five days a week could not be any farther in my mind. It felt like just yesterday when we were strangers to one another (except for Ann and Nat. Sue Wei wasn’t in class at that time). Even with all the hoo-ha with university applications and then offers, I forgot that to continue with university, we would have to leave Taylor’s. So, all the while before that, my unconscious mind simply assumed that we would all still be 0801PM12 for coming September.

Unfortunately, this is where I stopped writing. That is why I postpone writing on this topic. Not because I started crying incessantly of leaving my mommy and daddy® (hahahahaha..), but because I realize I have not really tried to make full use of the one and a half years we had.

Even before being assigned to PM12, I sort of knew I would be in the same class with Ann Shien. (I mean, how many people would actually pick such a peculiar, not-here-not-there subjects combination? It shocked me to have 30 equally lost classmates XD) Suspecting Ann Shien would be in the same class, I more or less planned how I would endure the one and a half years in a class full of strangers. (I missed out the part where we would stop becoming strangers. Hahahaha..) I felt secure having my dear cousin in the same class, at least I have someone to hang onto if there is some psycho in class. How would I have known then that the class would have more than more psycho? Much much much much more than one=)

I spent a good one and a half years in Taylor’s and I hope the rest of PM12 did as well. It’s great to have two other cousins in class, one to have on hours long to-and-fro bus rides and another to sit with in class. Also, it guarantees that family gatherings would not be dull!

No doubt having someone familiar in class is great, but there’s a tiny weeny puny miniscule downside as well. That is that I found my comfort zone too early on, even before I knew who were in the same class. (Maybe I am thinking too much, again.) Anyways, I wish I could say that I am extremely close with the whole class, that my friendships with each and everyone are beyond the four walls that form the classroom, the labs…etc… I feel really bad to say this, but I (and maybe some of you would agree) expect that I would not meet many of my classmates often in the future. Friendship is hard to maintain, especially when we have less and less in common. (But I would be exuberant if my expectation is proven wrong anytime=D) I am not saying that all would turn out like this. But, there would be some, especially one.

Let me digress a bit away. To him, I apologise for not trying harder to get to know you better. It’s just hard to find common topic with someone so quiet. Sorry. Heh heh..

OK, back to the post XD

I can’t imagine class without Ann Shien or Natalie. And class have been way more interesting with Sue Wei in since March. Way way more interesting XD Hehehehehe.. IN FACT, class would be way different if any one of us were not in it. One *ahem*Li Ying*ahem* left and she already made a noticeable difference. The atmosphere in class was less intense and maniacal, at least the risk of the class imploding from craziness is that much lower. Hahaha..

So, this is why this is suppose to be the preamble only. It is too hard to summarise one half years of fun, crazy, colourful, stressful, OESTROGEN-FILLED experience in ONE post. So, hopefully I will have time to write a few more. HOPE EVERYONE WILL JOIN IN AND WRITE SOME TOO=) Photos keep a thousand memories, but without words, it lacks depth and content.

Last bit for this post, I wrote above that I had assumed that we would still be 0801PM12 coming September. Well, I would just like to add: my assumption is not exactly inaccurate. We would forever be 0801PM12, just not together. Aikz.

One and a half years is better than nothing, right?

Monday, April 20, 2009


12 more hours til we're back in class.
We should get prepared for you-know-what.

See you guys tomorrow!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Biology A2 Trials Results turned me into a maniac

The only thing I could muster…

Laugh my head off!


Good luck to all of us when we see Ms Le-Na.

Note: Best to avoid her in Taylor’s before seeing her in class. Don’t walk away, RUN away!

What was your first reaction when you saw the results?

Oh yes, CONGRATS to SUE WEI for getting those rare “A” gems!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

oh no i think i can see a bit of becky bloomwood in me when i grow up! do you? do you? not that i'm a shopaholic or anything, but just look at all these shoes!!!

don't you want them too?? if you say no, then you're lying.
my first paycheck will be splurged on shoes and shoes alone.

you know what i think? i think people will think you're a psycho if you wear like this and walk down the streets in malaysia.

happy holidays yall!!
n sorry guys for making you put up with such a girly post!
just thought of doing my part as a contributor of this blog u know;p

more updates pleaseeeee..feelings, thoughts, anything! would love to hear more from all u guys :)